Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Challenge Begins

So, here were are. Tuesday 28th February 2006, 15:11pm. Me and Phil are sitting in my car in KGV car park. The build up has be phenomenal. "Ready Phil?" "Ready Mike". And so we drove off for the short distance towards the golden arches.
First, a bit of background. Mr Phil Rowland once touched on the idea of a "Cheeeburger Challenge" a while ago. The main idea was to drive to McDonalds, go up to the drive through, order a cheeseburger for everyone in the car, go round to the carpark, eat the offending grease sandwich, go back to the drivethrough, get another cheeseburger for everyone in the car, go round to the car park etc etc until you can eat no more.

Sounds simple? That's what we thought.

In retrospect, we didn't plan this whole thing as well as we could of done. I thought I'd done alright, not eating a thing all day, and drinking very little. This didn't really help me that much as me and Phil finished at the same point and he ate 2 bags of crisps and some chicken about 2 hours prior to the challenge.

As we pulled off the Kew roundabout nerves were building so we went straight for the kill. (Hello Lindsey if you're reading). "Two cheeseburgers please luv". I'd never been so anxious about buying a meat patty. As we pulled into the car park we were ready to begin this epic task.

The paper wrappers are pulled back. There they are. Covered in grease. "That's fuckin' disgusting"
Burger #1

The first one tasted ok. Pretty much your average McD's cheeseburger. We felt confident. Rather than let that burger settle in our soon to be enlarged stomachs, we decided to go again.
"Two cheeseburgers please luv" I paid the £1.58 for the two slabs of pure cholesterol, handed Phil the token serviettes "You might need them Phil" and carried onto the car park to continue the challenge. Not too much grease on mine. Phil wasn't quite so lucky. It was at this point that we decided to gather as much photographic evidence as we could as the challenge progressed, as certain people (not mentioning any names) may question our efforts if we couldn't prove it. Burger #2
Phil then touched on the idea of switching McDonalds branches to add to the thrill of the challenge. Yes. I said thrill. You had to be there. We decided to head inside for our next beef injection and thought it was best to get a couple of drinks to help the food go down. I got a still orange. Phil got a Coke. A Coke. SCHOOLBOY ERROR MR ROWLAND!
We were getting a bit cocky at this point as we ploughed through the burgers with relative ease. We set the world to rights as we munched away on our cheeseburgers, talking about old times and other pointless shite. Only 4 burgers in, and we were starting to feel the effects.
The most worrying of these was as I began to feel slightly dizzy. Dizzy from eating burgers? Surely not. I decided to keep this to myself as I thought Phil might laugh at me, and I didn't want to have to knock him out. He's a big lad, but I'd take the bitch down. Anyway. Our photo's continued as we went from 3,4,5 and, you'll never believe it, 6. Oh yeah. I said 6. Oddly, 6 was accompanied by this photo:

Phil's rather concerned look on his face is down to the fact that there are other people around and I'm taking a photo of a cheeseburger on the bonnet of my car. Like a TIT!

I have uploaded the only video that we took on the day here but unfortunately, it's rubbish quality, but it gives a pretty good impressionn of how much food we got through. Anyway, I'll update this again in a couple of days when I've spoken to Phil, and we can compare just what happened to our bodies in the next stage of the competition : THE AFTERMATH! In the meantime, have a look at this.